Sunday, July 16, 2017

May Flowers

These two little paintings were done "alla prima" - all in one go, similar to how I do a plein air painting, but these were done indoors instead.
The first was a sweet, fragrant little bouquet of flowers picked in the yard the day before on Mothers Day: Lily of the Valley, Jacob's Ladder, Creeping Charlie, violets, and a little sprig of a Bridal Wreath bush that I caught in the door on my way in - oops!

May Flowers, 8 x 6" alla prima oil on linen/hardboard. May 15, 2017. sold

The second was done later in the month when the bridal wreath bushes were in full bloom. (This time I cut some intentionally!)

Bridal Wreath, 7 x 10" alla prima oil on linen/birch. May 30, 2017. sold
 These both went to new homes yesterday at the Stockholm Art Fair in pretty little Stockholm, Wisconsin. I hope they bring as much joy in their new homes as they did to me.