Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Painting and Pie.

Oak in the Fog, plein air, oil on linen. October 13, 2012
Spent my Saturday afternoon sitting out in the fog, and then rain, admiring and painting the ghostly shape of an old oak on the edge of the woods.

 It was a beautiful time to be out, even if it was a bit soggy.

Then my little sister brought me a piece of apple pie.



Aspen and Oak

 Today's painting subject: the brilliantly arrayed aspen and oak (and a few hickory) trees. The aspens seemed to glow against the dark clouds, and the oaks were all sorts of lovely.
Aspen and Oak, plein air, oil on linen panel. October 16, 2012

The muddy tire marks lead into a pasture, and for the first half of my painting session I had an audience. :-)

Critical cattle.