Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little bits of news

I'm tickled pink to find out that a copy of Binksie and Bep is on an actual shelf, in an actual library, complete with a little "local author" sticker!

 The girls on whom the book is based are half-convinced they're famous. Especially since, in the past month, they've each been recognized by people they hadn't before met, who had read the book.

 Rumor has it that three of my paintings got to be part of the Robbin Gallery's annual Extremely Minnesota exhibit! I haven't seen the show yet (and sadly, had to miss the opening last night! :-( ) but hope to soon.

I've been trying to finish up all my oil painting in preparation for cold winter weather. Ventilation gets more difficult in the winter, and besides, these November days of moody skies and bare trees really make me want to spread out my watercolors and get to work! But I keep starting more oils, while waiting for the ones I'm working on to dry. :-P

 Some paintings drying.

 Here's one I've just finished:
12"x16" oil on linen
Hannah C. Heyer

Friday, November 4, 2011

Binksie and Bep - It's Here!

Binksie and Bep is finally here!
 It's now available on my Etsy shop: Here!

Written and illustrated by (yours truly) Hannah C. Heyer
8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm), soft cover, 34 pages, with 27 full color illustrations.

Yay! :-D