Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Painting Photo Shoot

Thanks to a friend, who generously lent me a good camera, I was able to have a little photo shoot with many of my paintings done over the last year.

Paintings lined up after getting their pictures taken.
 I'm no pro, but having a nice camera, rather than my defective little point and shoot, made it so much easier to get decent, non blurry shots. Such a luxury!
 I'm now working on a little editing, and getting some of my recent paintings up on my shops here and here.
  Looking forward to beginning some new pieces soon!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 Since I last wrote, winter has given up trying, and spring appears to be here to stay. I wish my Aussie nephews and niece could see it now! They'd begin to see that America (and Minnesota in particular) is not merely a cold and barren land where sock-wearing is a must.

 I want to put up my hammock out in the orchard some sunny day and just breathe. It smells so good! The pear trees have blossomed, and some of the apple trees will soon. I hope it doesn't turn too cold again.

 The earthy fragrance of winter-turning-spring has given way to the scent of new grass and leaves. The cows are out in the pastures, and their milk has a funny green taste for a while.
 There are bloodroot and violets blooming in the woods, and I want to go for a good ramble, but I'm paranoid about the tick population.
5"x7" oil on linen, Hannah C. Heyer

It looked like rain this morning, so I didn't go very far afield. Painted the view looking up towards the old barn, half hidden by the blooming fruit trees that edge the garden, and flanked by the weeping willow and old maple tree.

7"x5" oil on linen, Hannah C. Heyer
The North wind blew, and the sky began to clear. I painted the green grass, and this funny little shrub that grew by the fence.

 I love spring.