Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Produce Prints

Ew, not very nice looking at this point!
 Every now and then I try my hand at screen printing. My screens are whatever fabric I had on hand, painted with screen filler, in embroidery hoops. I recently got a set of colored inks (had only used black and red before) and tried them out for the first time today, printing on muslin produce bags. The colors look pretty garish right out of the jar, but I had some fun mixing them together on the screens.
I'm happy with how the red and blue mixed and came through onto the fabric.

Progression: The colors mixed to a pretty uniform purplish color, and I added a bit more red to the center each time.

 I used some of the muddy color left from the first ones together with more blue, some yellow and white for the next design.

Grayish garlic.
 I like how the first print almost has a watercolor-like look. After that the color gets pretty uniform.
Garlic progression.

Yellow, blue, and white to make a good pea-green.

Pea vine!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Two off the Easel

 A couple of recent paintings:
Wind Across the Fields, 16 x 20" oil on linen/birch panel.
 Love the feeling of the wind blowing across the fields as the weather moves in from the west. A few birds take flight.
Anvil Cloud at Sunset, 18 x 14" oil on linen/hardboard panel.
 Crazy skies again. I saw a cloud like this one night and did some quick sketching. The sun has just disappeared, but still illuminates this towering cloud, and the lights of farms across the valley begin to show.
These two paintings are hanging out at the local library for awhile.
It's been a cold and snowy month, and my painting has mostly been indoors. But I have a lot to work on- a bunch of new pieces started, and a sketchbook full of potential ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!