Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Seven years ago I began to take a more active role in my Grandma's life and care. In a short time I became one of her primary caregivers. She was able to stay in her own home, on the farm, cared for by people who belonged to her and loved her. There were many difficulties, but so much grace. There is so much that I could say; so many stories, many changes, and so much I've learned through being in her life.

Now, she doesn't need me anymore.
She will run, and not be weary; she will walk and not faint. God will wipe away all tears from her eyes, and her voice will be strong to sing again.
She fought the good fight, she finished her race, she kept the faith.
I am still fighting, and running, and keeping, and the separation now hurts.
I love you, Grandma, and I'll see you again soon.