Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hunter in the Hay Field

 There are difficulties and annoyances when working on location, but I get some pretty great work-spaces too. A hay bale is fairly comfortable, smells nice, and you can jab your brushes in anywhere.
And it comes with a view!

 The color of the fields looked pretty flat in the clear sunshine when I began painting, but I knew that as the sun got lower, the texture would appear. I was not disappointed.

Cat on the prowl.
As I painted the green fields I saw this cat, slowly and silently making her way through the grass and alfalfa, hunting. So I put her in.

I finished up as the shadows grew long, and put my painting away just in time - the dogs discovered me and leapt up onto the bale, nearly knocking me and my gear off and trying to lick everything in sight!

The finished painting:

Hunter in the Hayfield, 9 x 12" plein air oil on linen/hardboard. 8/1/15