Saturday, July 31, 2010


All set.
I've got my paints, canvas, brushes, etc.
I've also got a supply of Summer Crisp pears and Pristine apples freshly picked from my parent's orchard for when I get hungry.
Time to paint.
Today I'm planning on doing a little colour correcting on a tiny painting I started last week, and also, using a plein air painting I did on July 10 as a reference, beginning a new piece.

I officially start a new, full-time job on Monday. While I'm happy to start this new endeavor, I'm a bit concerned about having time to paint. For me, the thought of losing much of the time I now have for painting is a heavy one.
Be anxious for nothing, I'm reminded.
So, for the time being, I will work hard, continue to observe the world around me, and be ready to grab my brush when the weekend comes.