Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Picnic Place

I had a few more challenges than usual when I went out painting today.

The Picnic Place, 14 x 11" oil on stretched linen.
1. A bigger canvas than I usually use for plein air painting. I'm out of panels, and my next order hasn't arrived yet, so I used an 11 x 14" stretched canvas I had on hand.

2. I forgot most of my good brushes. I washed a bunch of them out after painting yesterday, and forgot them by the sink. I had to use old, rather worn out ones that I still had in my kit.

3. This dog.
 I love her and all, but she's not the brightest or best behaved little thing. She's extra colorful now. In between chasing squirrels, she suddenly decided to do a little dance on my palette. >_<
She's not sorry.

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