Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Plein Air

This is my somewhat-faithful dog. She came with me today on a short tramp through the woods to find a place to plop myself down and paint.
I settled on a spot in a pasture, and Somewhat-Faithful stuck with me as my companion and watchdog... until a herd of deer s
howed up. After the excitement of routing a whole herd how could she possibly be expected to settle down and keep an unusually boring person company? S.F. decided she'd live up to a dog's loyal reputation some other time.

It was a beautiful afternoon today. Calm and sunshiny. The sun's position in the sky th
is time of year creates some wonderful highlights and shadows, but the cold that also tends to be present makes painting out of doors pretty unappealing most days.
I decided on a hill full of shadows and uneven ground.
Basically scribbling on my canvas...
Trying to correct some color issues...

Working on the trees...
By this time the wind had picked up, the shadows were getting long, and my hands we
re so cold! Time to call it quits.

Hannah C. Heyer
November 2, 2010 Plein Air
5x7" oil on cotton

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