Wednesday, July 31, 2013

End of July Paintings

8x10" oil on linen
 July 27- Rainy day painting at Little Bean's Estate. "Little Bean", my youngest sister, doesn't actually own the place, but would if she could, and sometimes I take her up there just to look around. There's a beautiful view overlooking a marshy part of the landscape near the river, and on this day, with the rain and constantly changing clouds, the bluffs appeared and faded along with every fluctuation of the weather.

 July 28- Gorgeous evening; sunny, cool breeze, just enough clouds to keep things interesting. Watched the shadows grow and spread over a hilly bit of pasture. Was going to paint the cattle grazing there, but they moved on too quickly, the fickle beasts.
9x12" oil on linen panel
It was great to be out in the fields, observing the changing colors of summer, and the Queen Anne's Lace growing thick along the fence line. It was time to quit when the wind died down and the bugs came out.

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