Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick Draw

Saturday was my 2 year plein air painting birthday. ;-) Two years ago at the Quick Draw at the Bridge event in Zumbrota, Minnesota, I discovered just how difficult painting en plein air really is.
I also fell in love with it.
This was my set-up this year. ^
We had from 4:30pm until 6:30pm to complete our paintings, which then had to be framed on the spot.

Saturday's event was so much better than two years ago for me for several reasons:
  • I have two years of experience under my belt.
  • The organizers did a great job!
  • I met some great people.
  • There was tasty cheese, which makes everything better.
  • The weather was gorgeous!
  • I wasn't late
  • I didn't run over any dogs (or other small animals) on the way.

All the paintings were displayed until 8pm. Awards were given, and there was wine and cheese for the public. There was a free concert at 8 as well, but I couldn't stay.

Here's my painting! It will be on display, along with all the "Quick Draw" art, at Crossings Gallery until the end of the month.
Part of the proceeds from the sales will go towards the care of Minnesota's last covered bridge.


  1. Neat ! I'm glad it went so well , Hannah . And I'd have to agree- tasty cheese does make everything better. :) Oh, nice painting, btw ;-)

  2. Thanks Lucy! And yes, it really does. I highly recommend eating cheese any time you look at this blog, as it will enhance the experience considerably! ;)