Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A not-so-successfull painting session

Today I finally got out into the woods to paint. It's been way too long.
It was so pretty in every direction, I couldn't decide what to paint!
The brown, wind-blown fields against the sky with its scattered clouds? The birches, or poplars, or oaks? The view looking up the ravine full of large moss-covered stones? The view downhill where some snow still lingers? And so on.
Finally "an acquaintance of mine that I met in the woods" (which is how she wants to be identified, and no, I didn't just happen to meet her in the woods) encouraged me to do a painting of her.
This was a great challenge: a plein air portrait!

...she gave many heartfelt apologies afterwards. :-|

Here's a peak at it, with the colors looking a little different as this was taken indoors after dark.
heehee, sorry Acquaintance, but it sure was fun! She says it looks enough like her to be weird, but not enough like her to be proud of. ;) Oh well.

Have I mentioned I love this time of year?
I do.
I'm loving the sunshine, and the moody skies too.
Here's a little watercolour I finished yesterday:

Reflections, copyright 2011 Hannah C. Heyer
2.5 x 3.5 inches,watercolour on paper


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