Monday, February 14, 2011

The Orchard in February

I haven't painted in oils in awhile, due to frigid temperatures that made the idea of opening a window for ventilation unappealing. But the past few days have been so beautiful and spring-like, and I coudn't wait to squirt some paint!

Instead of just opening a window, I decided to get out into the gorgeous sunshine and do some painting en plein air. So today I did my first plein air painting of 2011, and it was also the first one I've done in winter.
As I said before, it's been spring-like; but although I actually walked in mud and on dry grass in places on my way, the snow was still a couple of feet deep out in the orchard, where I'd decided to paint.
See that little tiny-tipped brush? I found out today that it is more or less useless. :-P So sadly my painting didn't get the detail it should have had.

This is an 8"x10" cotton canvas.
A couple of hours later it looked like this:
I would have loved to keep working on it, but the lack of a good small brush was a problem, and my toes and fingers were reminding me that it IS still February.

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