Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grand Plans in Spring

We shall build a fort
of sticks and twine and nails.

We'll live on gooseberries
and applesauce sandwiches,
and drink from a brook
(once we've discovered one!)

Our bare feet will grow tough as leather
and we will scoff at wearing shoes!
One of us may spend a summer with a thorn in her foot as a result...

Copyright 2011 Hannah C. Heyer
Girl with a Hammer, 9x12" Ink and Watercolour


  1. I love the tones in this one! ♥

  2. Love!

    (Oh and I advertised you on my blog the other day. :) I've really been enjoying your posts.)

  3. Thanks Livvy, I was trying out a new color technique and I'm pretty happy with the results. :)

    Jessica, thank you! :D