Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Detail from a painting I've been working on today. I started it last Winter, using a sketch made last December as a reference, but it's been completely neglected since.
It has already been changed, smoothed out and touched up quite a bit from when this was taken earlier today. I actually kind of like it at this stage, and while I ultimately want it to look more finished and have more depth, I think I want it to retain a little bit of its roughness.
It's still got a long way to go before its completion. The reason only his head is shown is that he looked a little too much like Pop-eye in the arms. :-p I definitely want to work more on figures and improve in the areas of perspective and scale. I just need to convince more of my friends and loved ones that allowing me to paint them really IS a good idea!
I've been reading up on art history lately (i.e. skimming while flipping through and looking at all the pictures) and it's really inspired me to work harder at improving my painting. There is still so much beauty in this old world. I want the eyes to see it; I want the skill to share it.


  1. Hi Nathaniel! :) And I agree, definitely keep some of the roughness. I'm glad you're skimming some art history and finding it inspiring! Your last sentences are the reason God gave you artistic talent and not me. (Emotive works on the subject of cheese, anyone?)

  2. I'm guessing this is your brother. He looks like Jesus!!* Maybe that's why the Popeye arms; all that carpentry? ;)

    *not that I've actually SEEN Jesus but... you know.